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Automation Integration
  Lab automation
Lab automation is the backbone of the biopharmaceutical process and critical research in the modern drug discovery laboratory because it increases the speed and accuracy of tests, saves time, and enables scientists to focus on scientific discovery instead of repetitive manual tasks. Technology improves the clinical trial process and plays an increasingly important role as companies address R & D inefficiency by enhancing the quality and creating efficiencies.
  Automation Integration
Apricot Designs pipettors are available configured for a variety of laboratory automation solutions. The pipettors feature an easy-to-implement command set and an open-access design for integration with robotics. You can further accelerate your research with automation integration to update a manual workflow or upgrade an existing automation workflow.
  Do you have an idea in mind to accelerate your research?
Apricot Designs will work with you to customize your ideas into an automation platform.

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  Our primary integrated automation solutions partner is Biosero.
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