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PP-Pin Tool 4S Series Personal Pipettor™

The PP-Pin Tool 4S is a specially-modified platform based on the proven Personal Pipettor series. It offers the ability to perform automated pin tool dispensing at a reasonable price. The internal pipetting mechanism has been removed since it is unnecessary for pin tool operations, and the software GUI has custom windows for controlling the pin tool. The 4 positions can be used for the sample source, destination, and a wash and blot station. Pin Tools are available from V&P Scientific for the PP-Pin Tool 4S.

The V&P pin tools are also compatible with any Apricot pipettor which means that if you want to have maximum flexibility you can use an Apricot pipettor for the 1-550 ul range and then change it quickly to a pin tool robot for nanoliter work by simply swapping the head.



PP-Pin Tool 4S
Pin Tool for Apricot

For more information please contact us or visit V&P Scientific at www.vp-scientific.com.