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Pipettor Selection Guide - i-Pipette MODELS

Follow the prompts to help you select the ideal pipettor for your needs from Apricot Designs. All pipettors are designed with the same high-performance multichannel mechanism from Apricot Designs, so you will always be ensured to get the best pipetting performance for your laboratory.

Do you prefer the STANDARD model or the PRO model? Both will be identical as far as pipetting performance so choose based on the differences listed below.

  • The Standard model is the basic and most economical model.
  • The pipette head is locked into place through a simple operation by manually moving a lever.
  • The nest is moved up and down to the pipetting tips manually by the operator. A preset location can be set using a lock nut.
  • Available with manually-operated multiposition plate shuttles only.
  • The Pro model adds more automated features.
  • The pipette head is locked into place by an electric motor by simply pressing a button.
  • The nest moves up and down automatically via an electric elevator motor.
  • Available with manually-operated as well as motor-driven plate shuttles.