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Pipettor Selection Guide

Follow the prompts to help you select the ideal pipettor for your needs from Apricot Designs. All pipettors are designed with the same high-performance multichannel mechanism from Apricot Designs, so you will always be ensured to get the best pipetting performance for your laboratory.

First, select from one of the 3 main pipettor product lines from Apricot Designs.

i-Pipette pp TPS
i-Pipette PP - Personal Pipettor TPS - Total Pipetting Solution
If you require the smallest footprint and most economical version the i-Pipette is ideal. The i-Pipette is available in manual or semi-automated formats. If you prefer more automation, the PP adds a "5+1" motorized XYZ stage that has 5 microplate nest positions plus a wash station below. If you need maximum automation and capacity the TPS provides it with an expanded deck size, full XYZ automation, and easy integration with other robotics.
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