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High Throughput Dispenser


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High throughput plate filling designed for intensive research laboratory and production environments

Positive Pressure dispensing technology


  Model DSP-96-500
  • Production grade performance for small work cells up to high throughput integrations
  • 96 independent channels (96 sources to 96 targets)
  • Access unlimited source volume
  • Open platform layout and precise filling of multiple plates

  • Versatile – dispense up to 96 different liquid types
  • Easy to use – source bottle racking system simplifies set up (optional)
  • Reliable – positive pressure dispensing technology
  • Customizable – accommodates a variety of tubing
  • Convenient – complete Command Set included for system integration

High throughput Fill more than 5,000+ plates per day (~8hrs)

Volume Max channel capacity (96) 500µL
Dispense range (96-500) 1-500µL

Dispensing precision (96-500) <3% CV at 5µL

Dispensing accuracy (96-500) +/- 2% error at ≥5µL

Resolution (96-500) 1 µL

Weight A~ 110 lbs. (50 kg)

Overall Dimensions 19”W x 25”D x 18”H
483mmW x 635mmD x 457mmH

Case Dimensions 19”W x 20”D x 18”H
483mmW x 508mmD x 457mmH

Power 100 to220VAC 50/60Hz

Operating Temperature 50–100 °F, 10–37 .8°C


(MEDUSA96 infographic link to the pdf) MEDUSA96 infographic detailing features and benefits.

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