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Fully-automated SPE with integrated 96-well dispensing




Fully automated SPE

Integrated 96-well dispensing

Positive-pressure processing

Stand-alone workstation

Featuring the Smart Reservoir™


  ASAP96 Features and benefits
  • Advanced positive-pressure processing integrated with 96-well dispensing
  • Process individual SPE/SLE tubes and 96-well formats
  • Compatible with most commercially available consumables
  • Stand-alone workstation conserves space – fits on a benchtop
  • Smart Reservoir™ for solvent additions

  Smart Reservoir™
The ideal solvent reservoir for 96-well pipetting in SPE

  • Occupies same platform space as a single static reservoir
  • Optimized 96-well pipetting for multiple solvent protocols
  • Standard with 3-7 solvents – your option to add more
  • Solvent-level sensors assure sufficient solvent volumes
  • Deliver very small elution volumes accurately for micro-SPE
  • Precision volume control down to 10μL
  • Zero-maintenance solvent delivery – no pump required!
  • Insignificant solvent waste, without carryover

Repeatable Results

Pipettor + Head + Tips = Repeatable Results
The ASAP96, pipetting head, and tips in various volumes is a triad that works together to help you get the best results.

EZ-Load = EZ-Change
The “pipette head” is separate from the pipetting mechanism, allowing easy and economical reconfiguration in the lab.
Changing heads only takes a few seconds – easily reconfigure as needed!
For best pipetting results – consider pipette tip selection along with the “pipette head” that will be used.
ASAP96 EZ Load image

  EZ-Load Tip Technology

The ASAP96 uses exclusive EZ-Load tips to simplify pipettor operation with disposable tips.
This patented technology from Apricot Design is the only system using disposable tips that do not need to be “pressed on” with excessive downward force for a reliable seal.
For ASAP Images (see below)
Load disposable tips into the head quickly and easily No tools are required for a consistent seal!

EZ-Load Ready image 1
EZ-Load Ready image 2
EZ-Load Ready image 3

  • Plate replication
  • Reagent addition
  • Compound addition
  • Serial dilution by column
  • PCR Prep
  • Motorized change head function
  • Automated SPE process


Dimensions 27.5”W x 15.5”D x 25.5”H (699mm W x 394mm D x 648mm H)

Weight Approx. 118lbs (54kg)

Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temp 50-100°F, 10-37°C

  Fast, simple, GxP-compliant SPE/SLE with unattended, walkaway automation:
  • Lowers labor costs
  • Increases data quality
  • Reduces rework
  • Standardizes method performance across a range of technician skillsets

(ASAP96 one-sheet link to the pdf) An infographic detailing ASAP96 features and benefits.

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