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Apricot SPE Automated Processor






Fully automated SPE

Integrated 96-well dispensing

Positive-pressure processing

Stand-alone workstation

NEW! Smart Reservoir™


Fully-automated SPE with integrated 96-well dispensing and positive-pressure processing in a stand-alone workstation.

Fast, simple, GxP-compliant SPE/SLE – with unattended, walkaway automation:

  • Lower labor costs
  • Increases data quality
  • Reduces rework
  • Standardizes method performance across technicians/laboratories

  • Ultra-precise, reproducible 96-well dispensing
    – From Apricot Designs, the world leader in 96-well pipetting workstations
  • The most advanced positive-pressure processor available
    – Electronic pressure control
    – Stepper motor-driven manifold for optimum sealing
  • Stand-alone workstation processes individual SPE/SLE tubes and 96-well formats
  • Compatible with most commercial consumables
  • Smart Reservoir™ for solvent additions

  Smart Reservoir™ – a key element of the ASAP96
Ideal features in a solvent reservoir for 96-well pipetting in SPE
  • Access to multiple solvents
  • Insignificant solvent waste, without carryover
  • Delivery of very small elution volumes accurately for micro -SPE
  • Space conservative with no pump required
  • Assurance of sufficient solvent volumes

  Featuring the Smart Reservoir™
  • Optimized 96-well pipetting for multiple solvent protocols
  • Precision volume control down to 10µL
  • Standard with 3-7 solvents – your option to add more
  • Zero-maintenance solvent delivery – no pump!
  • Solvent-level sensors assure sufficient solvent volumes
  • Occupies same platform space as single static reservoir


Dimensions 27.5”W x 15.5”D x 25.5”H (699mm W x 394mm D x 648mm H)

Weight Approx. 118lbs (54kg)

Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temp 50-100°F, 10-37°C


(ASAP96 infographic link to the pdf) A4 infographic detailing ASAP96 features and benefits.

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