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Apricot Designs Established 1989

Apricot Designs was founded in the late 1980’s to serve the pharmaceutical industry with custom built laboratory equipment and accessories. Apricot has been an established laboratory automation leader for 30 years providing innovative, accurate, and precise liquid handling technology for researchers, scientists and lab professionals worldwide.

Felix H. Yiu, President, and CEO founded Apricot Designs. He brought together a select group of engineers who had expertise in mechanics, electronics, computer hardware, computer software designs and laboratory consumables with laboratory professionals and scientists from major pharmaceutical companies who provided insight on things that they needed to further their research work in the lab.
Since the beginning, the primary focus of the company has been on multichannel micro-volume fluid pipetting technology for high throughput and drug discovery applications, disposable pipette tips, and solid phase extraction and sample preparation devices for drug discovery and research applications.

In-house R&D and mechanical engineering departments, as well as a machine shop and production and assembly teams, form the basis of Apricot's design and development capabilities. Apricot products reflect the latest developments and increasing complexity and requirements of biotech, clinical, and pharmaceutical research.

Our on-going commitment is to help you get the best results, and our continued success stems from working closely with you, our customers in the life sciences and pharmaceutical markets.