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Multi-Channel Pipettor
+ 1-4 Channel Dispenser





Non-contact liquid level sensing

High-throughput batch sample processing

Tube to tube, tube to plate, plate to plate transfer


  A4 Features and Benefits
  • High-performance automated multichannel pipetting
    – Eliminate manual pipetting errors and minimize repetitive tasks
  • High-throughput tube-to-tube, tube-to-plate, and plate-to-plate reformatting
    – Transfer up to 96 tubes or as many as 5 x 96-well microplates
  • Non-contact liquid level sensing – eliminates cross-contamination!
  • Programmable serial dilution indexing by column (8, 16)
  • Bulk reagent dispensing via integration-ready syringe pump
  • Establish workflow efficiency with sample identification/tracking via bar code
  • Small footprint maximizes bench space and fits suitable hoods

  1 to 4 Tip Pipette Mode
  • Tube to tube reformatting
  • Tube to plate reformatting
  • Plate to plate reformatting
  • Serial dilution by column (8, 16)
  • Master Mix distribution via EP Tubes to PCR strips/tubes
  • Cherry picking application
  Bulk Dispense Mode
  • DNA Normalization
  • Bulk Reagent Dispensing



Weight Approx. 90lbs (40kg)

Dimensions 26”W x 18”D x 25”H (661mm W x 458mm D x 635mm H)

Power 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

Operating Temp 50-100°F, 10-37°C

  • A4 is a fully automated multichannel pipetting system
  • Reformat tubes into a variety of formats, including 24, 48, and 96-well plates
  • Plus 1-4 channel bulk dispensing using an integrated syringe pump

(A4 infographic link to the pdf) A4 infographic detailing features and benefits.

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