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Disposable Deepwell Plates, Racks and Reservoirs

We have a complete custom design process and also a full class 100,000 clean room ISO 9001/13485 and CE certified injection molding facility. We can produce custom labware including tips, reservoirs, racks and virtually anything else you might need for your automation needs. Please contact us if you need to create something unique for your process.

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High quality disposable square well and round well deepwell plates and disposable reservoirs from Apricot Designs feature:

  • Made with 100% premium Virgin Polypropylene - ideal for solvent resistance, minimal fluid retention and binding, and for long term -80ºC storage
  • Certified RNase, DNase, protease and endotoxin free
  • Autoclavable at 121ºC, 20 minutes, 20psi
  • Optional U-bottom well design version suitable for mixing, bacterial culture, and collection of samples
  • Optional V-bottom well design version to decrease dead volume
  • Alphabetical labeling and cut angle mark for convenient tracking of samples; labels are molded underneath to make marking easier
  • Manufactured to ANSI/SBS specifications for microplate footprint applicable to multi-channel pipettors and automated liquid handlers
  • Withstand up to 4000xg
  • Manufactured with new quality molds and QC-tested for flatness, providing a better surface for sealing; heat seals can be applied up to 10 times

Disposable Deepwell Plates

Click to Enlarge Order # Vol Wells Well Shape Well Bottom Height #/case
deepwell plate DWP-16-96-SQ-U-C 1.6 ml 96 Square U 31 mm 50
deepwell plate DWP-22-96-SQ-U-C 2.2 ml 96 Square U 41 mm 50
deepwell plate DWP-46-48-SQ-U-C 4.6 ml 48 Square U 39 mm 50
deepwell plate DWP-360-96-RD-V-C 360 ul 96 Round V 14.75 mm 100
deepwell plate DWP-360-96-RD-U-C 360 ul 96 Round U 14.75 mm 100

Disposable Reservoirs

with v-shaped channels or wells for high recovery

Click to Enlarge Order # Vol Wells Well Shape Well Bottom Height #/case
deepwell plate RES-180-12W
(low dead volume reservoir for 12 channel pipettor)
180 ml 12   V   50
deepwell plate RES-180-8W
(low dead volume reservoir for 8 channel pipettor)
180 ml 8   V   50
deepwell plate RES-185-384-SW
(low dead volume reservoir for 384 channel pipettor)
185 ml 1   V   50
deepwell plate RES-195-96-SW
(low dead volume reservoir for 96 channel pipettor)
195 ml 1   V   50


  • Add "-S" to end of order number for sterile version for all products above
  • "C" versions are clear. For colored plates replace "C" with the following: BK=black, W=white, B=blue, R=red, Y=yellow, G=Green, X=amber

Special 24 round well dual purpose deepwell plate and microcentrifuge tube holder includes all of the features above and adds the ability to load a rack of microcentrifuge tubes with their lids locked up for access by automated liquid handlers. These are available empty or with a preloaded set of microcentrifuge tubes.

Click to Enlarge Order # Volume Wells Well Shape Well Bottom Height #/case
deepwell plate DWP-20-24-RD-V-C 2.0 ml 24 Round V 49 mm 50
deepwell plate DWP-24-MT-15-PPK-C (loaded with 24 1.5 ml microcentrifuge tubes) 1.5 ml 24 Round V 49 mm 50


Cap Mats for deepwell plates made of top grade silicon for easy and snug fit.

Click to Enlarge Order # Wells Well Shape #/case
cap mat CM-96-SQ 96 Square 100

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DWP-16-96-SQ-U-C DWP-22-96-SQ-U-C
DWP-46-48-SQ-U-C DWP-360-96-RD-V-C
DWP-360-96-RD-U-C RES-180-12W 
RES-180-8W  RES-185-384-SW 
RES-195-96-SW  DWP-20-24-RD-V-C
DWP-24-MT-15-PPK-C  CM-96-SQ
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