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Built for Discovery™ ADDA High-Speed Dual Arm Autosampling System

The ADDA system is a dual-arm, high-speed autosampler that provides ADME discovery scientists with the fastest high-quality sample delivery platform available for LC/MS.  At 8 seconds per sample in trap/elute mode, and with 8 unique injection ports, the ADDA system is a comprehensive system designed for the Discovery lab.  With the ADDA system, permeability, transport, metabolic stability and drug-drug interaction screening assays can be rapidly turned around with a single mass spectrometer system, saving critical time in the drug discovery process. 



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PDF Download ADDA Brochure
PDF Download Technical Note: CYP Inhibition Assays: Versatility in the ADDA High Speed Dual Arm Autosampling System.
PDF Download Poster: High‐Speed Integrated FIA Method Development and Metabolic Stability Assays on a Dual-Arm Autosampler

PDF Download Poster: Fully Integrated High Throughput System for ADME Screens Using Cassette Analysis
PDF Download Abstract: Development of a high-speed, multiplexed sample-delivery instrument for LC–MS/MS bioanalysis (reprints available upon request)

Special Features of the system – Multiple autosamplers in one

The system achieves its speed and flexibility with 2 high-speed, high-accuracy robotic arms, each equipped with a syringe and four injection ports.  Batches can be submitted to use either one arm or both arms simultaneously.  The plumbing can be set up on a per-injection-port basis, allowing up to 8 different gradients and columns to be left on the system.  Four onboard valves simplify the plumbing for the system.  Testing with multiple chromatographic setups, direct infusion and high-speed trap and elute experiments can be performed in a completely automated fashion.  Alternatively, if two different scientists are using the system, they can run independent experiments easily by each using a different arm. 

No Reformatting

With a capacity for up to 12 plates on a single deck (96-well or 384-well, deep or shallow are supported), the ADDA system has instant access to every sample, meaning that sampling across plates from a time course study is rapid and efficient – no reformatting step necessary.

All-in-One Software, Multiplexing, and Multi-Batch Automation

The ADDA software was developed by Sound Analytics LLC, makers of the industry-standard DiscoveryQuant™ software for AB SCIEX instruments. It offers excellent instrument control along with the ability to access MS/MS conditions from a central database, and interleave various LC modes on the fly.  Intuitive visual interfaces simplify sample setup and batch building.  Full multiplexing support is available to multiplex gradient runs.  The software effortlessly switches batches to different arms and different injection ports, allowing for automated overnight runs of many different batches of different chemistries without pause.   The runs can then be analyzed using the DiscoveryQuant™ Analyze software, making it easy to integrate all peaks and export them to Excel or another software system. 

The ADDA system represents a significant leap forward in both speed and cost savings within high throughput drug discovery.

Capabilities of the ADDA System

  • 8-second injection to injection throughput in trap/elute LC mode
  • Compatible with AB SCIEX mass spectrometry systems
  • Flexibility to manage up to 8 different LC chemistries across injection ports, minimizing re-plumbing and saving setup time
  • Automated overnight runs for multiple batches and multiple chemistries
  • Full multiplexing support
  • Single point-of-control for autosampler, pump start/stop (for up to 4 pumps), and mass spectrometer start
  • Seamless integration with DiscoveryQuant™ software automates MRM method creation and batch building

Equipment Provided with ADDA System

  • 2 High Speed Robotic Arms equipped with syringes
  • 8 Independent Injector Ports
  • 4 Onboard Valves
  • 2 Wash stations (one for each arm) each with 2 wash solvent capability
  • 96 well and 384 well plates supported
  • ADDA Software control system and sample submission with full batch setup

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