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Featured product: EVEN96 – SPE/SLE Positive Pressure Processor ~ Consistent Sample Preparation.™

The most innovative programmable positive pressure processor available in a stand-alone unit. Delivering precise, uniform flow control across multiple ports for processing 96-well extraction plates or individual columns.
S-Pipette 96/384

(EVEN96 Infographic)
Infographic detailing EVEN96 features and benefits.

(Why choose the EVEN96?)
EVEN96 one-sheeter introducing the EVEN96.

Why choose the EVEN96?

Proven Engineering Expertise – Apricot Designs
Helping you get the best results for over 25 years.

Innovative Design – Manufactured with flexibility, control and reproducibility in mind.

Intuitive and Accurate Control Interfaces – Control at your fingertips via Microsoft Surface® Control Tablet.
No external computer needed!

Flexible Processing of Plates / Columns – Readily process 96-well format SPE/SLE plates as well as individual SPE/SLE columns on the same platform.

Precise Height Control and Superior Sealing – Engineered for incremental control and accurate positioning.

Precise Flow Control – Optimized programmable flow controller. Provides a flow range from microliters per minute (µL/min) for flow-sensitive methods to liters per minute (L/min) for sorbent drying.

High Performance Internal Heater – Internal heater for fast sorbent drying in complex extraction protocols.
Advanced Safety Features

Manifold pinch sensor for enhanced operator safety.
Fits within suitably sized laboratory hoods for solvent vapor control.

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